Jim Martin and his wife Marybelle, founded Transit Damaged Freight in 1966 while Jim was still working for Glosson Freightways in Lexington, North Carolina. The damaged furniture was primarily what Glosson had, then Jim started buying transit damaged furniture from factories, other trucking companies, even some from the railroad.
Jim Martin
Jim started to add more and more new undamaged furniture through the years. He bought discontinued lines and close-outs and sold it at outlet prices. After building relationships in the industry, Jim gained access to almost all manufactures and their catalogs. For the ones he did not have access to, he used trucking companies. He later expanded from his Lexington store to offer 6 stores and 2 warehouse buildings across North Carolina. Jim's sons, daughter and grandchildren all began working together within the company.

EARLY 2000s

In the early 2000s, Jim's son Jerry Martin took over alongside his sister Tracie Landreth and brother Tommy Martin. They helped to grow the Transit Damaged Freight name and continue the long history of providing quality furniture at affordable prices just like their mom and dad.

2020 - NOW

In October of 2020, a new ownership team took over led by cousins John Browning and Timothy Barker. Jim Martin's presence is still walking the store as his grandchildren Jodi Love, Jeremy Landreth, Jerome and Pam Martin are all still a major part of the Transit Damaged Freight team.

Transit Damaged Freight was and still is family owned and operated as John's wife Tammy, daughter Emily, and son-in-law Garrett all joined the company.

Nowadays, Transit Damaged Freight is often referred to as TDF Furniture. Our stores are stocked weekly and we offer special ordering from 80+ furniture manufacturers. Over 80% of what you find in-store is NEW directly from an authorized manufacturer, the other 20% could be factory closeouts, showroom samples, damaged in freight pieces, or discontinued items. Any damaged piece we are sent is taken directly to our repair warehouse to be fixed. Website products are all 100% new and special ordered and we offer in-home delivery and installation!

The one thing that will ALWAYS stay the same is our affordable prices. We will continue to be the premier discounted furniture store in North Carolina and stay well below our competitors and suggested retail.

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